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 Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem, ABD Gezisi Konuşma Metni (14-18 Ocak)

Distinguished Guests,

It is with great honor that I address this honorable group as the Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.

It is a pleasure to join you here today. I take this opportunity to share my vision of a growing relationship between Turkey and this great country, the United States of America, among Turkey’s real friends.

The United States has always proven to be a friend of Turkey. As we all know, Turkey is going through the most serious economic crisis in the history of Turkey.

America since the beginning of this crisis has supported Turkey both politically and financially.

Both as a Turkish citizen and the Chairman of Turkish American Business Association, I am moved to thank the US for its vote of confidence in these difficult times.

Turkey on the other hand, just like in Korea, during the Gulf War, in Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo and now in Afghanistan will continue to support United States as an ally and friend.

As the true defenders of democracy and liberty, we need to keep both democracy and freedom alive in the world.

I believe there is still room for the ties between both our countries to keep growing. As we build on our historic partnership, both trade and direct investments can expand.

For example, I believe that Turkey deserves to enjoy the same trading terms and conditions between the European Union and the US.

Turkey is entitled to this as a member of the European Union’s Custom Union.

Most importantly, both our countries would greatly benefit from the economic reward and prosperity this would generate.

There are many other business possibilities we can pursue in partnership with American interests.

For example,
· investments in the energy field; Turkey needs to invest over 5 billion dollars every year in the energy sector to keep up with demand;
· construction undertakings in the CIS countries and now in Afghanistan;
· joint-ventures in the tourism sector;
· cooperation in infrastructure and defense projects;

These are just a few examples in a spectrum of possibilities. I encourage all of you to find and take advantage of these opportunities.

We should always keep in mind that Turkey’s closest friend in the World is the United States.

In the same way, Turkey is the United States’ loyal ally in the South-East Europe, in the Middle East and in Central Asia.

Historically, we have supported each other in times of need. It is now the time, to build a stronger economic future together.

The American Chamber of Commerce’s vision is to serve and support both American and Turkish common interests.

We are aiming to build upon a productive partnership and help the business community willing to invest in Turkey and in the US.

For an important Note, I would like to thank Ambassador Robert Pearson and General Consul Frank Urbancic and all of their staff for their tireless efforts and invaluable contributions to improve Turkish American relations in every aspect.

I wish both our countries success, peace and prosperity in this New Year and in the coming future. Thank you for your time.

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