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Please find below our American Trade Newsletter #14, featuring companies and products from our client states of California, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma & Pennsylvania & Wisconsin. All are looking for representation and distribution in the region.

In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office. Also available are the complete offerings from any state our office represents:

New American State Inquiries for May –


(15236) San Francisco Bay Area manufacturer of energy recovery devices for reverse osmosis plants, both sea water and brackish water.
(15237) A wireless rural loop/ wireless local loop company that manufactures digital and analog Phonelink Rural Radio Telephone Systems for Point to Point and Point to Multi-point requirements. Wireless systems for voice, fax, data and internet access.

(15238) Manufacturers of Glass Pressing Equipment

(15239) This Missouri firm manufactures Computer/Electronic Security Products used to safe guard PCs, Macs, laptops, internal components and unauthorized use of disk drives. They have lines providing security for unique computers and even AV equipment! The system includes polycarbonate mounting plates made from the same material used in making bullet proof glass! Components are tested to specified levels of performance and conform to applicable military and ISO standards. Coated in vinyl to protect equipment. Locks are available in Keyed-alike (all keys the same), Keyed-different (all keys different) and Combination (3 digit, resettable) versions.

(15240) This Oklahoma software development firm created a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for the precision farming industry. Their integrated systems is the nucleus of precision farming, providing a platform for processing, automating tasks and analyzing data to provide derived information to support decision making. They have developed a robust set of analysis tools used in a variety of ways according to local needs, not as a dictated set of prescribed routines. They are interested in other companies that could potentially represent their products throughout the region.

(15241) An Oklahoma based biotech firm providing high quality all- natural bacteria and enzyme products to solve a myriad of waste control problems. Made entirely from natural microorganisms that have not been genetically altered, every product in their line is FDA, GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) listed. Their patented micro-encapsulation process enables the stabilization of bacteria for a minimum of two years. All products operate across a broad spectrum of pH and temperature ranges. Because their offerings have the highest bacteria and enzyme counts, less product is needed to do the job than is necessary with competitive formulas. No pumps or metering devices are necessary. Simply mix their products with water and apply. They have proven to be effective from maintaining onsite sewage disposal systems to cleaning aqua-culture installations. Each product is completely safe and will not harm plants, animals, fish or humans.

(15242) This Pennsylvania firms is the United States' oldest design/build resource for sanitary processing systems, equipment & supplies. Their products include hosing & tubing, clamps & fittings, pumps & valves, instrumentation, supplies, specialty detergents & sanitizers, both new and used equipment. They service the dairy, food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, industrial processors and allied sectors, both nationally and internationally.
(15243) Montgomeryville, PA company that Produces a line of innovative interactive presentation and group collaboration products for use in the education, training, presentation and conferencing markets. Their innovative products are offered through a select group of vertical market resellers and international OEM's. Each product utilizes their patented electromagnetic technology that is used for medical imaging and CAD workstation products. Their lines include the Interactive Presentation Manager, Interactive FlipChart, Interactive WhiteBoard Presentation Tools & the Podium Pro.
(15244) Lancaster based, high performance centrifugal pumps molded from tough modern thermoplastics for handling corrosive liquids as well as water. Agricultural Equipment, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration, Environmental, General Industrial Equipment, Industrial Chemicals, Oil and Gas Field Equipment, Water Resources. Looking for Turkish & Arab state representation.
(15245) A Pennsylvania family of companies handling all aspects of the water and waste water treatment sector, producing products and services for every aspect of filtration. These include under drain installations, analyzers, sludge removal systems, pressure filters and GAC Systems, gravity filters, residual and pre-treatment applications, instrumentation & control.
(15246) One of the top engineering firms in the US and one of the top ten engineering companies to serve the metals industry from Pittsburgh, they have excellent capabilities in project design and other professional services to industry, process equipment suppliers and contractors. Their recent experience is in the metals, energy, chemicals, glass, light manufacturing, material handling and government business sectors. The company is looking to communicate with engineering firms throughout the Middle East interested in teaming on projects in the metals, power and chemical sectors.

(15247) A Wisconsin firm with an international business in Artificial Insemination for dairy cattle, with a large array of bull semen of various types. They also carry and sell individual heifers & other cattle, as well as a varied line of farm equipment and veterinary supply. The company provides consulting and marketing assistance to all their customers, working under a strict confidentiality clause.
In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office. Also available are listings of the complete offerings from any state our office represents:
You are also invited to send us product requests, for we can also attempt to source virtually any product from American manufacturers.
If you should have any further questions, or if we may be of any additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at Tel: +972.571.0199, or at Fax: +972.2.571.0713. We may also be reached at our e-mail address: [email protected].
Best Regards.

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