Bülent Senver was born in Ankara in 1950. He is graduated from the Accounting and Finance Division of the Bosphorus University Administrative Sciences Faculty. He started to work in the audit division of Arthur Anderson & Co. London office and then, took position in the same Company’s Istanbul branch.

He has been through various training’s in the fields of "Independent Auditing" "Managerial Skills" and " Banking" in London, Birmingham, Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C., Paris, Brussels and Geneva.

As independent auditor and management consultant, he worked for more than fifteen Turkish and foreign banks in Turkey during different periods. In order to develop an off-site banking surveillance and an early warning system to be used by the Central Bank of Turkey he made studies at Central Banks of United Kingdom, France, U.S.A. Following his return to Turkey he worked as the project manager and consultant in the Central Bank of Turkey for the preparation of " Off-Site Surveillance System" , " Transparent Banking" , " Uniform Chart of Accounts", "Early Warning System" and " Uniform Reporting Package" projects for the Turkish Banks.

Bülent Senver has become a member of the " Turkish Accountants Association" in 1985 and acted as " Discipline Committee Member" of the same Association.

Bülent Senver left Arthur Andersen Istanbul office in May 1985, when he was an experienced manager, to join " Uluslararasi Endüstri ve Ticaret Bankasi A.S." (Interbank), one of the most reputable banks in Turkey, as a Deputy General Manager. During the same year he was accepted as a Part-Time lecturer in the Business Administration Division of the " Bosphorus University". From 1985 without any interruption he is giving courses as a part-time lecturer on " Asset and Liability Management in Commercial Banks".

Furthermore, within the training programs scope of the Turkish Bankers Association, he has been giving lectures on topics such as " Profit Improvement in Banks" and " Asset and Liability Management in Banks" in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir on several occasions, He has also written a book called " How to Analyse Bank Financial Statements".

Bülent Senver was appointed as the " President and Chief Executive Officer" (CEO) of Pamukbank T.A.S. in June 1987, Turkey’s third largest private bank in which there is no government participation. From June 1987 to July 1993, in six years, he grew the balance sheet footings of the Bank 36 ( thirty six) times. He has improved the image of the Bank with new products and services and giving importance to innovation, customer care and quality of service.

During his CEO position in Pamukbank T.A.S. he also acted as a member of the Board of Directors of " Bank Kreiss A.G." , " Türkiye Genel Sigorta A.S." , " Baytur Insaat Taahhut A.S." , " Turk Henkel A.S." , " Kimyateks A.S." , "Aksan A.S." , " Direct Factoring A.S." and " Pamukbank Pension Fund". During the same period he was also appointed as the " Statutory Auditor of the " Turkish Bankers Association" and served for six years. In August 1992 he was awarded the " Accountant and Financial Consultant Practicing Certificate".

The Turkish Press Institution elected Bulent Senver as the " Man of the Year" in 1987 and gave him the " Hakki Tarik Uz Man of the Year Award".

The Prominent economic and financial monthly magazine " Kapital, named Bülent Senver as the " Banker of the year 1990". During the same year Bulent Senver was also elected as the " The Man of the Year 1990" by another magazine called Cosmopolitan Turkey. Cosmopolitan Turkey gave this award to him due to his " creativeness, innovations and his ability to develop new banking projects".

In its traditional yearly inquiry, the Kapital magazine’ s grand jury that was composed of 47 leading businessmen, executive managers, bankers and economists of Turkey, elected Bülent Senver again for the second time as the " Banker of the Year 1991".

Senver left Pamukbank T.A.S. in July 1993 to establish his own bank in Northern Cyprus. He is now acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of " Denizbank Ltd."

Senver is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish American Businessmen’s Association (TABA) and a member of the " Turkish Industrialist and Businessmen Association (TUSIAD), and the "Young Businessmen Association" (GIYAD). Senver is a Board member of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC).He is also a member of the Executive Committee of ECACC and acting as the Treasurer of ECACC.

Senver, who speaks English, is married and has two children.