he 1980's were a period of rapid change in Turkey, economic development was impressive with
high rates of growth and industrialisation. Over the last ten years the Turkish economy has opened up,
with the abolition of barriers to foreign trade, to welcome and encourage foreign investment and
multinational companies.

Turkey presents the investor with enormous opportunities not only in its domestic market but also,
because of its geographical position, throughout the region. In particular, Turkey is increasingly seen
as a real bridge-head to develop business eastward, not least because of its intentions to strengthen
economic ties with Europe.

This brochure aims to provide a general introduction to the country and a broad overview of its
business environment. The specific focus is on company tax and employment regulations and the
practices affecting the environment in which investors, particularly foreign investors, have to operate in

Such regulations inevitably undergo regular changes and this summary reflects legal provisions as at
1 November 1996. As this guide is not intended to be a complete study on Turkey and its business
environment, those who are interested are advised to seek professional advice in respect of their
specific plans. Action should not be taken as a result of the information contained in this guide without
prior reference to Coopers & Lybrand, Istanbul.