Mission Statement
TABA is a non-profit association that was established in 1987 with the aim of the contributing to the development of commercial activities between Turkey and the United States. To this end:
  • TABA provides advice and counsel to American business circles in matters of commerce, finance, and industary
  • TABA helps American business circles in the implementation of their plans and objectives
  • TABA enhances communication between Turkish and American business circles on matters of concern, in line with the association's objectives
  • TABA faclitates the establishment of relations between Turkish and/or American business circles and American Goverment Representatives in Turkey;
  • TABA promotes friendship and understanding between American business circles and Turkish citizens, to the mutual benefit of both parties
  • TABA assists in the formation and development of partnerships between Turkish and American business circles through transfer of knowledge and opinions
  • TABA maintains relations with the Chamber of Commerce of the USA (COCUSA), the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (EACC) and related organizations, and seeks to develop other intra-organizational relations

With over 378 members, TABA is headquartered in Istanbul. TABA also has branches in Ankara, Bursa, Çukurova and Gaziantep in Turkey, as well as several branches in the United States and the Turkic Republics.

TABA's members are comprised primarily of prominent Turkish businessmen involved in the trade with the United States. Until recently, the focus of these businessmen, and consequently of TABA, was in exporting products to the United States. However, with the identification of Turkey as one of the Big Emerging Markets, this focus has now evolved to include trade both ways, both importing from and exporting to the U.S. Many businessmen are increasingly interested in finding U.S. products and services to distribute and represent in the Turkish market.

Services and Objectives
In addition to publishing a monthly newsletter that includes many business leads, TABA actively organizes conferences and meetings on topics of interest to its members. Some of the recent activities include TABA's visit to the Istanbul Stock Exchange, where ISE President Tuncay Artun adressed members; a luncheon speech delivered by economic Development Foundation President Sedat Aloğlu on the up coming Customs Union; and a presentation of the Turkish Hearth Study results and their implications for executive healyh held at the American Hospital. TABA also hosts meetings of a more social nature, such as American Independence Day celebrations, charity balls, and informal discussion groups called "Bar Talks". TABA has also organized business trips in the past, and is currently working on sending a preliminary delegation to some of the Turkic Republics.

TABA represantatives regularly attend European Council of American Chambers of Commerce meetings, and take an active role in the desicion making process. In fact, TABA has been elected to head the committe that will investigate Trade and Investment Barriers