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TABA - AmCham Washington Visit  

 Türk Amerikan Is Adamlari Dernegi ( TABA Amcham ) visited Washington D.C. to attend the Summit Meeting of American Chambers. Below find the report about this visit.

Dear Chairman

We had the opportunity to attend Washigton summit of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce , between May 20 – 22 representing TABA Amcham with the following members . Savas Düvenci Board member and Chairman of the Delegates Hasan Çelebican Chairman of the Construction Committee Ahmet Öksüz Chairman of the Textile Committee Ufuk Akalin Taba Amcham member

Before going to U.S. we had fixed the following appointments.

Mr. Gary Litman Managing Director of Eurasia
Mrs.Kristal Alley Representative of U.S. Chamber in ECACC
Ms. Patricia Helletzgruber General Secretary of ECACC
Mrs.Jonelle Glosch Azerbaijan Chamber Executive Director
9 executives from Eastern European countries
Congresmen Rep. J.Duncan and Rep. Ron Lewis

In order not to miss any regular meetings and the appointments we had to distribute the events among us which turned out well Mr .Thomas Donohue Chairman of the American Chamber and Mr . Gary Litman were very friendly with our delegation thanks to the good relations established in the past by Ugur Terzioglu

ECACC Meeting

The meetings started in the auditorium of the hotel where we stayed and continued under very constructive and cooperative atmosphere . Decision was made to hold the next meeting in Denmark on October 18 – 19 . Istanbul is the candidate for spring . Sterling Company’s Website package was demonstrated , as the software ordered to connect American Chambers . Cocusa officers strongly suggest that Chairmanship term should be two years in general not to create a privilege . In can be extended for a second term they said only in exceptional cases , which principal is in conformity with Taba By – Laws.
Turkish Delegation was warmly welcome . We have been told that Chambers should be preferrably represented by the same delegates and specially executive directors should participate . Mr Gary Litman in answering some questions clearly stated that American identity and dominance should be accepted by all Chambers . Mr. Thomas Donohue may schedule to visit Turkey. In early . Mrs . Jonelle will soon visit Istanbul to organize Caucasus Meeting in September . Mrs Patricia Helletzgruber suggested Istanbul to host ECACC Meeting after Denmark.
Regarding to the expected policy of the Bush Administration Mr. Donohue stressed the following points.
Mr President is under the influence of his father
He is going to run the world as a businessman within the scope of impartial , unlimited , commercial rules.
Further free trade agreements will be on the agenda . Chilean and Singaporean Agreements are ready.
Sanctions on Libya. Iraq , Cuba and Iran will continue.
Turkey may have a chance to be considered for a Free Trade Agreement

Chairman of the TABA delegates

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