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Ayşegül Dora
After graduating from the Communications Faculty of the London School of Economics, Ayşegül Dora started her career in journalism. She worked for 20 years in the leading Turkish dailies, and also worked as the CEO of a Press Agency. Ms.Dora founded Penajans in 1984 and formed a partnership with D’Arcy Masius Benton&Bowles Company, one of the 10 advertising companies in the world, in 1989. Today Penajans D’Arcy is one of Turkey’s biggest advertising agency and Aysegul Dora is the Chairman of Board.

Ms.Dora has also worked as a consultant for:

· Mr.Bedreddin Dalan during his mayorship in Istanbul between 1984-89;
· The Deputy Prime Minister Mr.Mesut Yılmaz;
· Former President Mr.Suleyman Demirel;
· The Ministry of Environment between 1990-1998;
· Touring Club of Turkey between 1968-1976;
· Tobacco Industries Association between 1981-1997;
· Pharmaceutical Industries Association since 1984;
· Turkish Chambers of Commerce and ICC between 1981-1996;
· Foreign Investors Association since 1994.

She has prepared the book of Turkey for the World Bank’s General Assemblies between 1981-1989. Ms.Dora is a Board Member and Treasurer of the Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce and she is also a member of:

· TESEV (Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation)
· IPRA (International Public Relations Association)
· IAA (International Advertising Association)
· *Turkish Advertising Association
· Turkish Public Relations Association
· Turkish Journalists Association
· Turkish Sports Reporters Association.


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