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 It has always been a difficult task to be an American Chamber of Commerce. First of all you should know that you are being continuously scrutinized by the public. Thus, you must get organized to be one of the busiest chambers that exist, and from time to time you may have to tolerate harsh criticism.

On the other hand it is also rewarding to be an American Chamber of Commerce. You regularly have the privilege to meet the business and political leaders of the world. You can create tremendous volumes of business among numerous countries, and you will contribute to the added value of your members

When the new Board was elected last year, we set our target as “ Taba Amcham means opportunity”. Opportunity to its members and to the plethora of commercial and industrial societies of other Countries. This should be realized by promoting business, investment, and cultural relations.

Business, as we would interpret, is primarily a matter of communication. Consequently we indulged in designing our web site under the URL of The essential goal of our web site would be to give information about,

-Our members
- Links to American Chambers
-Taba services
-Business opportunities offered by members and the Chambers
-Job opportunities in the Companies of our members
-C.V. bank

As another communication means , we initiated relations with local Chambers of commerce of important cities in Turkey and interest groups like textile, construction and other Associations. We plan to establish relations with similar Associations in U.S. and form sectorial activity committees to guide the Chamber in relations within their specialization .

Investment , more than anything else, is a matter of environment with investment incentives, legal frames, economic stability and government attitudes which all require serious lobbying activities. Taba Amcham alone would not be sufficient to get meaningful results . We therefore pioneered an establishment among the British , Italian and Swiss Chambers for joint actions.

Cooperation with other American Chambers
We joined the establishment of the Caucasus Cooperation Group, where the major players were the American Chambers of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. We plan to initiate a similar type of cooperation with the American Chambers of Greece and Israel .

The impact of cultural relations to the better understanding among all nations is undeniable. We cooperated with the former U.S. Ambassador Richard Barkley in the organization of the Topkapı Palace exhibition which was initiated in the different cities of the U.S.

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