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April 30, 2000 – May 30,

YEAR 2000
BR> JUNE 12-14 ECACC Meeting in Washington 15-30 Formation of Activity Committees

JULY 04 Boat Trip with ATC Members

AUGUST 01 Solving legal dispute with Şişli municipality

AUGUST 28 Vice Chairman of Textile Committee met COCUSA Managing Director Gary Litman in Washington

SEPTEMBER 21 Meeting with Foreign Chambers

SEPTEMBER 27 Virginia Port Presentation at YKB Plaza

SEPTEMBER 28-29 ECACC Meeting in Washington

OCTOBER 03 Meeting with Joseph Walker who is the Chairman of American Cotton shippers at GAP office

OCTOBER 20 Lunchon with Ambassador Pearson at Ceylan Inter-Continental Hotel

NOVEMBER 03-05 Nesrin Malloy’s presentation at YKB Plaza, for student exchange and recruitment program between US and Turkey

NOVEMBER 13 Republic Ball at The Marmara Hotel

NOVEMBER 26-27 Meetings with Tourism Investorsfrom US in Antalya and Istanbul

NOVEMBER 29 Meeting with US Business people at Istanbul Consulate

DECEMBER 12 Visit to Armenian Patriarch together with the Chairman of Turkish-American Business Development center

DECEMBER 17 Fast Breaking dinner at Patriarchate


JANUARY 19 Reception at Hilton İzmir with US Ambassador

JANUARY 29 Visit to Greek Patriarch

JANUARY 31 One to one meetings, at Conrad International, to develop business between US and Turkey

MARCH 19 Lunch with US Adana Consul, Mrs. Greta Holtz

MARCH 22-23 One to one meetings between US and Turkish Companies, at Hilton Istanbul

APRIL 11 Dinner with 8 members of House of Representatives and other Officers from US Congress, at Beyti Restaurant

APRIL 17 Breakfast at Four Seasons Hotel with two US Senators

APRIL 27 Meeting between foreign Chambers and Chamber of Industry, to prepare a report about actions to promote foreign capital

MAY 02-05 Baku Meeting of American Chambers of Commerce for cooperation in Caucasus

MAY 20-22 Summit Meeting in Washington

MAY 28 Conference on “Sismic Isolations” at Yapı Kredi Plaza

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